Development Opportunities

At Getinge Group we believe in our people. And we believe that our people need the right challenges to develop. Personal development requires getting just the right level of support when meeting these challenges. Professional development starts and ends with getting the job done.

Today we are present in over 40 countries, with a continuously expanding global footprint. Although you can have a challenging and exciting career in Getinge Group without having to relocate to another country, we want to ensure that our employees have plenty of opportunities for building international experience. We believe that working in another country is an excellent development opportunity, and not only for the individual: It is also a great opportunity for the entire organization to share knowledge and leverage best practices.

Within each business area, our academies provide extensive training courses and certification programs – both for our own employees and for customers. These academies cover topics ranging from product- and technical training in our own solutions to sales training programs and leadership development. Our academies conduct training and blended learning across the globe.

From Apprentice to Manager

“Britta, 31, joined Medical Systems as an apprentice following a dual study program at the University of Cooperative Education in Karlsruhe, Germany. She studied economics and worked in different departments at Medical Systems Rastatt, even spending three months working for Extended Care in Gloucester, England.

The best word in life is ‘yes’, as it opens new doors

Britta got a position as a strategic buyer at Medical Systems straight after graduating from university. As a buyer, she worked closely with Medical Systems Ardon in France, and spent three months there to strengthen the collaboration between the two companies.

“My advice is to remain open and ask a lot of questions. For example, if you want to go abroad, check out the possibilities. And if there’s an opportunity, grab it and say YES to the challenge. For me, the best word in life is ‘yes’, as it opens new doors. Of course, there were situations where I accepted a challenge and was really anxious. But as soon as I had started working, the fear faded and I felt so much stronger.”

At the age of 25, she became Head of Purchasing at sister company MediKomp within Medical Systems. “I would never have had that opportunity at my age without being an apprentice. As it was, people knew who I was, I applied, and I got the job. Of course it was a challenge; I was 25 and managing people twice my age. It’s unavoidable that they question your leadership and you as a person. But once they realized I’m someone who is genuinely interested in other people, their drive, and their motivation, it worked out fine.”

She is now Head of Customer Support at Medical Systems headquarters. “It was a change of focus from purchasing to sales and support. As a purchaser, you decide the rules in a way. Now I listen to customer demands and, as they say, the customer is always right. I find the role extremely fulfilling, as customers push us to constantly develop our company and our products.”