Our Cultural Values

The Getinge Group is built on a culture of professionalism and entrepreneurship and each and every of our recently defined cultural values- Passion, Collaboration, Openness, Excellence and Ownership - reflects our commitment to people.

Always remembering that what we do affects the lives of others, we are dedicated to helping our customers save lives and ensure excellent care.

Since the company listing in 1993, Getinge has grown largely through acquisitions. This development resulted in a global company consisting of many different cultures.

As the journey towards one Getinge was initiated by a group-wide strategy in 2014, it spurred the need for establishing a shared corporate culture. An extensive research was carried out in order to identify the values and behaviours required for achieving the targets in Getinge's five strategic focus areas, paving the way for continuous success.

The results of this work resulted in the five current values, which were discussed in a large number of cross-functional workshops all over the world before they were signed off in 2015. Possibly the strongest feedback from the employees was the unified expression of passion for their work and the company.

This puts Passion at the very core of our values. It is rooted in a desire to improve the health and wellbeing of others. We truly care for our customers and the patients that they serve. We contribute in obvious ways through our life-saving products and services, but also through our commitment to society's sustainability efforts.

In addition, our values guide the efforts to meet future challenges and requirements in established markets as well as the ambition to grow in new markets by attracting new customer groups and developing new business models.