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Enable Surgeries

Under the Getinge and Maquet product brands, we provide comprehensive infection control systems for hospitals. We also streamline workflows and ergonomics in surgical workplaces. The flow of sterile equipment and surgical instruments is optimized with our advanced IT tracking systems.  

  • Maquet offers complete medical settings for operating rooms, strictly focused on the best possible treatment of patients and your greatest working comfort. 

  • The Maquet Hybrid OR can be used for any intervention and across multi disciplines making it a highly cost efficient investment for your hospital. 

  • It's our vision that instruments are always ready for use when needed, that the flow of sterile goods is safe and smart, efficient and ergonomic, and that your total costs are as low as possible. 

  • With Getinge Online – our top-of-the-line remote diagnostics and equipment performance IT solution from Getinge – you get instant notification of changes in your equipment status wherever you are. 

  • Separation of dirty and clean is crucial in Endoscope Reprocessing. Getinge ED-FLOW AER, designed to be built in a wall, creates a physical barrier between soiled and clean areas.

Getinge’s offering includes equipment, consumables and services for cleaning, disinfection and sterilization of instruments, as well as equipment for complete surgical workplaces and expanded treatment options. Our products promote efficient and secure hospital workflows.

Sophisticated IT solutions contribute to optimized patient and workflows. They also help to minimize risks and to ensure compliance. All this improves patient safety and creates a more efficient utilization of resources, staff and equipment.