A unique
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Post-Acute Care

Under the ArjoHuntleigh product brand, we support efforts to meet the growing demands within the elderly care sector. Our solutions address the clinical needs for long term care residents and patients with chronic health conditions. 

  • The continuum of TSS wound care support surfaces, overlays, therapeutic beds and mattress replacement systems is designed to help prevent and manage complications and expenses associated with preventable events such as falls, pressure ulcers, and ventilator associated pneumonia.

  • Our Home Care solutions are designed to address the needs of the home care resident/patient and the caregiver.

  • Our experience, gained from decades of listening to and cooperating with healthcare professionals, has enabled us to identify and provide the key elements for safe patient handling, including resident/patient mobility rehabilitation.

  • ArjoHuntleigh hygiene products reduce workload, increase efficiency and improve quality of life for residents/patients.

  • Standing and raising aids enable residents/patients to be raised up from a bed, chair, toilet or wheelchair for transferral or transportation.

The product range includes positioning solutions, mattress systems, medical beds, hygiene systems and compression therapies that are safe, easy to use and have a proven ability to address preventable injuries, such as pressure ulcers.