2 000 000 successful surgeries

More than two million coronary artery operations have now been performed using the Maquet EVH system for blood vessel harvesting. The system is now standard in the US and has led to fewer complications and quicker healing times.

Cardiovascular diseases remain the main cause of death in the world, although the figures have fallen in the past two years. For patients with coronary artery disease, a bypass operation is a possibility to prolong life and improve health.
The operation involves diverting blood around the blocked arteries and then restoring and improving the flow of blood and thus the supply of oxygen to the heart.

Healthy blood vessels are harvested from other parts of the body, for example, the patient’s leg or arm, to create new vessels. This is the procedure for which
Maquet’s Vasoview Endoscopic Vessel Harvesting (EVH) System is used. 

Maquet has presented 11 generations of the product since it was first launched 19 years ago. In the US alone, 94 percent of hospitals have introduced this technology and there are countless examples and cases of excellent clinical results, for example, fewer complications to wounds and quicker healing times.


Drew Spindler is a clinical trainer and has worked with the EVH system for more than ten years. “By sharing my knowledge and my experience with
clinics across the world, I can help spread technology that has become standard in coronary artery surgery in the US. I can reach more patients than I ever could have imagined and can make a difference to people’s lives,”
says Drew Spindler.