Mattress altered Drew's life

Teenager Drew Burton, 18, from Peoria, Illinois, had not slept a full night in 15 years. When he tried out the Auto Logic 200, it changed his life.

Drew Burton suffers from spinal muscular atrophy, a hereditary disease that breaks down the neuron cells in the spinal cord and causes accelerated general muscle wasting.

Rick Sakamoto, of Extended Care, came in contact with Drew through his stepdad Todd Largent. “Todd is the President and owner of ADA Total Access in Peoria, which has been a part of the Home Care Dealer Network for years. We sat in a meeting when he mentioned his family and Drew’s situation,” says Sakamoto. He heard how Drew relies on a ventilator to breathe and that his weakened immune system means even small  illnesses can be life-threatening. In his young life he’s undergone numerous surgeries and has a steel rod in his back to help him sit up straight, yet his hips ache when he stays in any position for too long. His nights for the past 15 years had been restless.

“Drew needed help at night from a caregiver who is responsible for turning him 12-15 times in an eight-hour period. On the weekends, Drew’s mom handled the night duty on top of managing a family with five other children.” Sakamoto told them about the Auto Logic 200. “I mentioned how our alternating pressure technology heals pressure ulcers and provides complete pressure relief. Tom Rourke, a Home Care rep, and I convinced Todd to trial the Auto Logic 200 on his son for two weeks.” two weeks later, Sakamoto got a call from Largent, telling him how they’d placed the Auto Logic on the boy’s bed frame. The next morning, he said, “Dad, this is really strange. The only thing I remember is falling asleep last night and waking up this morning. This is the first time in 15 years I slept through the night without waking up to be turned.” Since that day, Drew Burton sleeps every night on his new mattress, getting a full night’s rest and avoiding pressure ulcers. “The family is very appreciative, especially Drew’s mom and the caregiver as they no longer have to turn him 12-15 times during the night. We gained their trust and that is how we continue to develop our loyal customer base,” says Sakamoto. “The Home Care Team considers it a privilege to help families like Drew’s and to show them who we are as a company. Our compassion for those who are disabled is what drives us to bring hope to families and customers like Drew. It always brings a smile to our hearts when we see the smile on the faces of those we serve.”