With the customer in focus

Getinge is part of creating one of the most sustainable university hospitals in the world: New Karolinska Solna in Sweden. 

The hospital is being built directly adjacent to the current Karolinska hospital and Karolinska Institute. The ambition is to create a cohesive area where healthcare, research and education are joining forces to produce and spread new knowledge.

Getinge participated in the procurement process prior to the construction activities. By being involved early in a project, we can analyze customer needs and be receptive to requirements. This ensures a sound understanding of how we best can meet, or preferably exceed, customer expectations.

The early collaboration with NKS concerning the new sterilization department is an excellent example. It enabled our design department to put forward several proposals for how the space could be optimally used to ensure good flows.

The Getinge Group delivers a wide range of products and services to NKS, supporting the entire continuum of care:

We deliver surgical lights, anesthesia machines and ventilators, including the FLOW-i anesthesia device and the SERVO-U intensive care ventilator platform. The latter will also be supplied in a customized version that enables critically ill patients to be ventilated also when they are airlifted.

Our infection control equipment for the sterilization center provides sterile instruments to the entire hospital. The center will also be responsible for the flow of sterile disposables to the surgical operations.

Based on a contract with Stockholm County Council (SLL) we also deliver therapeutic mattresses.

The entire New Karolinska Solna hospital is scheduled for completion in 2018. The first stage will be operational already in autumn of 2016.