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Treat Acute Health Conditions

Our cardiac, pulmonary and vascular therapies to treat acute health conditions carry the Maquet product brand. The solutions contribute to advanced clinical practice, improved patient outcome and enhanced life quality.

  • Maquet develops intensive care solutions for all patient categories and acuity levels with focus on simplicity, mobility, reliability and user-friendly features. 

  • Maquet portable heart-lung assist devices grant effective patient transport while you gain valuable time to save patients’ lives.

  • Maquet develops market-leading anesthesia units combining ICU ventilator performance with effective anesthesia delivery. 

  • Maquet cardiac assist devices, such as intra-aortic balloon pump counterpulsation systems, advance the standard of care.

  • With almost 20 years of experience, Maquet provides solutions for cardiac surgery, EVH, and extracorporeal circulation.

We offer a thorough range of products for life support in acute health conditions, including OR equipment, intensive care units and catheterization labs, instruments and implants for cardiovascular surgery, anesthesia equipment and ventilators. Our product range also features advanced solutions for minimally invasive treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

By focusing on future-orientated technology that facilitates daily operations and improves patient care, we follow the patient throughout the continuum of care for surgeries as well as for cardiac, pulmonary and vascular therapies.