Toward one Getinge

With the foundation of the current strategy, Getinge launched a comprehensive transformation program in 2015 focused on growth, efficiency and a new organization.

The transformation program comprises three components aimed at:

1. Reigniting growth through alignment of the product portfolio, and a sales organization that offers Getinge’s complete product portfolio and is more clearly tailored to the needs and value chain of the healthcare sector. The focus is on structuring the organization to deliver increased clinical and financial value to the customer, thereby responding to the challenges and changes facing the healthcare industry.

2. Improving profitability by leveraging the Group’s economies of scale to a greater degree, and moving from three independent business areas to a joint organizational structure. Five focus areas have been identified to effectively drive the cost agenda. Examples of these areas are direct and indirect purchasing and shared services.

3. Establishing a new functional organizational structure that will enable a timely and smooth implementation of the program.