A functional organization focused on customer value

Getinge Group’s organizational structure comprising three independent business areas was replaced with a functional structure on January 1, 2016. This will entail better opportunities for focusing on the specific needs of each customer, the harmonization of processes, and significantly more efficient and focused management of the Group. 

The new organization includes a Group-wide Supply Chain function that will deliver a high level of customer service and also drive cost synergies. Three Business Category Units have been established to further develop world-class technologies and products that offer solutions to healthcare challenges throughout the continuum of care. The composition of the new Business Category Units – Surgical Workflows, Acute Care Therapies and Patient & Post Acute Care – will create new, unique and more focused customer offerings.

To strengthen our market positions and better reflect customer needs and requirements, a new sales organization is also established, divided into three regions: EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa), Americas (North and South America) and APAC (Asia and the Pacific region). All sales regions will offer the Group’s total range and key account teams will also be introduced in each region for strategic selling. With Getinge’s complete product portfolio, these teams will target sales to customers in managerial positions and professional purchasers. Regional clusters will be created for training, knowledge sharing and to enhance cooperation.

Four Group-wide support functions will support the Group in its new structure.