Reposition for higher organic growth

Innovation and product renewal at Getinge will result in products, systems and solutions with a documented ability to deliver excellent clinical results and economic benefits. Put simply, it will pay to invest in Getinge’s products. By putting their trust in Getinge, customers can improve their financial performance, while optimizing their clinical results.

The nature of decision-making in healthcare is changing, and increasingly involves hospital managements and central purchasing departments. As a result, Getinge must demonstrate the economic benefits of the Group’s products more clearly, and develop the sales process to also include the new decision-makers. At the same time, the organization’s ability to present advanced reasoning based on the financial and economic conditions of healthcare must be strengthened.

Emerging markets now account for almost 30% of Getinge’s total sales. Since this trend is expected to remain favorable in the long term, Getinge intends to further strengthen its position in these countries. However, due to higher demand and increased competition, the Group must be able to offer the right products at the right price. It also means that Getinge will develop a product range that is tailored to the mid-market segment, with products with simpler functionality at a lower price. The Group will thus be well positioned to leverage the next wave of growth in these markets.