Customer satisfaction

Loyal, satisfied customers are the basis of our reputation. Honesty and integrity in all dealings with customers are prerequisites for profitable, long-term business relationships. Getinge will provide customers with accurate product information, and will only make commitments about our products or our company that we can live up to.

Product quality and safety

Getinge is committed to providing products and services giving consistently high value, quality and reliability. Product and patient safety are of the utmost importance. All Getinge products and services shall comply with relevant regulatory requirements in this respect. Our commitment to customer satisfaction also includes the provision of a high standard of after-sales service and prompt attention to customer concerns.

Gifts and favours

Gifts, entertainment, compensation and personal favours may be offered to a third party only if they are modest in value and consistent with customary business practice. No gifts, entertainment or personal favours may be offered in contravention of any applicable law or code of practice. Gifts that do not meet the above criteria should be reported tomanagement, who shall determine what measures should be taken.