Society & Environment

Legal compliance and local customs

Getinge employees must comply with all the applicable laws and regulations of a country in which the company operates. In cases where a conflict exists between more restrictive laws and this Code’s principles and values, the law shall prevail. We will respect the local traditions and customs of each country. In cases where there is a conflict between local customs and this Code’s principles and values, the Code shall guide the employee’s course of action.

Community involvement and contributions

Getinge seeks to make a positive and sustainable contribution to the communities in which we conduct business. Employees are encouraged to participate in community affairs, but the company does not support political parties or make political donations. Charitable donations will generally be made to high-quality research & development in the medical technical field.

Environmental impact

Getinge is committed to preventing or otherwise minimising and mitigating any harmful effects our operations or products have on the environment. We aim to reduce the environmental impact of products throughout their life cycles.