Environmental Responsibility

Getinge feels a considerable sense of responsibility in terms of contributing to long-term sustainable development. This applies to both the environmental impact in manufacturing operations and to the development of new products. 

Environmentally compatible product development, EcoDesign, is already a long-term priority and all development work is now conducted within the framework of the established procedures and guidelines. Regular environmental reporting from all of the Group’s production units provides excellent opportunities for follow-ups and comprises the basis for decisions concerning environmental goals and activities in the environmental area.

Environmental policy

The Getinge Group overall environmental objective is to contribute to a sustainable society. We are committed to optimizing the use of energy and natural resources, minimizing our emissions to air and reducing the environmental impact of our waste handling.

Therefore we shall:
 • Integrate environmental considerations into all our activities.
 • Consider environmental legislation and regulations as minimum requirements.
 • Encourage and empower our employees to take personal responsibility for contributing to a sustainable development.
 • Continuously improve our environmental performance and regularly report our performance to our stakeholders.

Environmental targets

 • Energy - Optimize energy use and minimize the climate impact of our production and transportation. 
 • Waste - Minimize the environmental impact of our waste handling.
 • Emissions to air - Minimize the environmental impact of  our emissions to air.
 • EcoDesign - Optimize the use of natural resources and minimize our environmental impact through the application of EcoDesign principles in all of our product and process development.