Social engagement

Getinge’s Code of Conduct indicates the direction of the company’s work in the area of social responsibility. Areas assigned particular priority are pleasant and safe working environments, market-based and fair remuneration, and an environment without discrimination.

Health and safety

Getinge’s work on health and safety issues is based on national legislation, international regulations and the company’s own requirements. The Group endeavours to provide a safe and non-discriminatory work environment for the company’s employees throughout the world and continuously makes long-term efforts in this area. The design of the Group’s new plants is characterised by thorough safety considerations and Getinge makes continuous improvements to its existing facilities. This has led to the number of industrial accidents falling substantially.

Dialogue with employees

To create positive work conditions, Getinge maintains a continuous dialogue with its employees. This dialogue takes place at local level and also centrally, with such parties as trade-union representatives for the employees in the European Works Council (EWC).  This council meets at least once a year and the matters it discusses include labour law issues.

Employee development

Work on enhancing the quality of employee and management development was introduced in 2008. Getinge currently offers the Group’s managers and employees an extensive management and employee development program – from basic manager training to more advanced courses directed at experienced managers and senior project managers. Getinge has arranged a global management development programme for two years, whereby managers from all of the company’s business areas meet and jointly develop their leadership and analytical skills and power of deduction.

 Getinge also offers, in cooperation with two of the world’s leading universities, specialist training programmes for employees wishing to develop in their profession.

Getinge Code of Conduct

Getinge’s Code of Conduct describes how the company is to conduct its operations in an ethically, socially and environmentally correct manner. The Code of Conduct was introduced to the entire Group in 2006. The Code was evaluated in the autumn of 2008 based on a global questionnaire completed by Getinge’s most senior managers. Getinge will focus on intensifying this foundation work in 2009; the Code’s and the company’s core values will become central parts of the company’s manager training courses and an online course about Getinge’s values will be launched in the spring. The first module will focus on managers, purchasers and sales personnel. More modules, directed towards various target groups or professions within the Group, will be launched in the future.